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Hello, My stay at The Lighthouse Recovery Home for Men changed my life.  I am in my middle forties and have a loving family.  Before I came to the Lighthouse, I was on the verge of losing them.  I had recently received my third DUI in a 10 year period.  Something had to change and it did with the help of the Lighthouse Recovery Home.
The Lighthouse Staff helped me develop an understanding of Alcoholism and how to live without Alcohol.  The classes and the one-on-one counseling were key to my recovery.
I live today without using alcohol and live a happy, productive life with my wife and children.  I owe so much to Beth Snyder, BJ Jones and the rest of the staff at the Lighthouse.  My future is much brighter!
Aaron W.  in Indianapolis Indiana


To whom it may concern:
I have been in and out of the Lighthouse doors from 2009 to 2012. Coming to meetings and doing what the court system told me to do knowing I wasn't giving my full self to the program at hand. I was always welcome with open arms, heart, and mind. For those years I would have considered myself a person that wanted to recover but just couldn't get it in my head that I was a real alcoholic... and during this time if I ever needed someone to talk to or just a place to go where I knew I was safe from the world of alcoholism.
In 2013 I decided to get sober. I tried it cold turkey and made it six months. I had a nervous break down and fell off the wagon. After waking up in jail I had made a decision to get the help and the support I need no matter what. I feel that when doing recovery you either all in or nothing... so I turned to the Lighthouse for the help that I needed they gave me hope when I had none. They gave me a whole new way to look at being sober and living a life of sobriety and a new understanding of having a higher power in my life and how to use that higher power. They showed me the importance of going to meeting and what meetings can do for me and my sobriety ... and how I can make an impact on other people in their addiction by carrying the message to the people that need and want it... and that's a big key factor in all this…the person has got to want it!
I'm a 20 year addict, my last four arrest my b.a.c. was .40 and above... I'm glad I had a place like this to turn to and its not always like peas and carrots at the Lighthouse, but if you want to recover from an addiction I would at least give it a try. I have enjoyed my stay here and I meet a lot of people that I would never have met before. I've made a lot of friends and I have improved my self worth 90%. I get and feel good about myself everyday. I get up and go to work and it is easy to find work here in the area. I'm happy to say that I'm nine months sober and not looking back. If you are ready for a change and want a change in your life, give the Lighthouse a call.-
Anonymous in Monticello, Indiana

 I have been a resident of White County for over 20 yrs. I am 32 years old and I suffer from the disease of addiction.
My entire life I felt an emptiness that I could not explain. I was different from everyone else. I could be in a room full of people and still feel completely alone, even with family members. I had always felt like there was more to life and that I had a purpose, but I had no idea what to do about it. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. When I was 23 years old, I realized that I didn’t drink or use like other people. I knew I had a problem. I wanted to stop using drugs and alcohol, but I couldn’t. I tried several times on my own, only to feel worthless when I failed at these desperate attempts and found myself drinking or using again, against my own will. I thought for sure I was insane and there was no hope for me. Everything I ever loved or cared about was gone because of the decisions I made while under the influence of some mood or mind altering substance. I was a tornado leaving a path of destruction everywhere I went, hurting every person I came into contact with. I loathed the person I had become and had no idea how to get better. I was consumed with resentment and sorrow. I had no idea there was a solution.
 I had been in and out of court rooms and rehabs. While in these places I learned a little bit about me and I heard about the 12 step programs, however I was not shown how to apply these things to my life. I would find myself in the pits of despair once again, just as baffled by my actions as every other miserable attempt to control my disease on my own. On October 21, 2012 the Lighthouse Recovery Home opened the Women’s house. I became the first female resident along with one other women. I instantly knew I was where I belonged and felt at home. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I felt loved and accepted. These people understood me and didn’t judge me. The LRH taught me about my disease of addiction and how to live sober. They have become my family. They have been by my side since the day I came through their doors. I am now in college, working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. I am an “A” student. In the last year I have suffered some severe traumas, trials and tribulations. I was able to stay sober because people from LRH were supportive and coached me on how to apply the steps to these situations so that I was able to cope with my losses. I have been involved with LRH for 18 months now.  I was a Caretaker, Volunteer,  and at one point I had became the Ladies  House Director .  I no longer feel that nagging feeling of uselessness. I feel that I am living up to my potential. I now know that life is beautiful. I had never been shown how to live, I had only existed.  Now I try to live everyday to it’s fullest. LRH is where I learned how to live sober.- Anonymous in Monticello, Indiana


If your lost, confused, depressed and if your addiction has its mighty grip on you then I recommend the Lighthouse Recovery Home and Beth Snyder's Sobriety School program. I was that person back in 2013 over a year ago but, through God and the sober lessons I learned at the Lighthouse my life has completely turned around! I have over a year of sobriety which I never dreamed of, I have my wife and children back, I have a stable job and so much more that's just the big ones. Most important I have myself back, my soul, peace in my heart and a relationship with God I never knew was possible. I just worked on myself while I was there and did not worry about everyone else and their problems. I am forever grateful to Beth and BJ and the Lighthouse organization and so many others that gave their time. So if you want to CHANGE and are willing - just open your mind and do it! Art S.Hammond, Indiana

 When I came into the Lighthouse Program -I was MAD! My parole officer made me come here. Then I met Beth Snyder. She came up to the hospital in Lafayette to meet with me on her day off and that's when she first told me that I was taking her "Home". Just when she said the word "home" I started crying. The word "Home" touched my heart. That was over a year  ago and I have been happy and sober ever since! I owe my life to the Lighthouse Recovery Home.---- Patsy S. Frankfort, IN