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               We only have one mission  -  SAVING LIVES!

The Lighthouse Recovery Home is a non-profit corporation. We offer a "faith-based", non-denominational, 12 step addiction recovery program. We currently operate three separate, residential sober living "homes" that assist our clients with drug and alcohol addictions. We are proud to provide recovering addicts and alcoholics with lots of care, home cooked meals, support, and education in a friendly atmosphere in order for them to fully experience and enjoy the miracle of recovery from their active addiction.

                                                   OUR LOCATIONS

               Men's Main Facility:                                      Women's Main Facility
                226 N. Railroad St.                                          1741 N. Everett St.
              Monticello, IN 47960                                        Lafayette, IN 47905
                  (574) 297-5129                                                (219) 805-0414

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   The Lighthouse Recovery Home currently offers "open" 12-step meetings, 6 days a
week at 10:00 am. While this facility is not a treatment center, intensive out-patient center, or a medical facility, we do offer a full "faith-based", non-denominational, 12 step alcohol & drug addiction education program for residents, family, alumni, and to the public.
   It also includes our comprehensive "Sobriety School", which includes classes and
materials to aid in understanding of the disease of addiction, and how to get the most
out of our recovery program.

For Screening and Availability Contact:
Executive Director, Beth Snyder
Phone: 219-805-0414

Email: bethsnyderlighthouse@yahoo.com

            "There Is A Solution"           6 days a week 12 step meetings: 10:00am