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               We only have one mission  -  SAVING LIVES!


The LRH non-profit corporation operates 2 non-denominational residential sober living homes. One male and one female. These facilities are for those who have met all requirements for moving forward in their lives, but, are not quite ready to live alone. Transitional housing is often a very crucial part of long term recovery success. (We do not provide medical or clinical services.)      

                                 The LRH has only one mission: To Save Lives!

We are proud to provide recovering addicts and alcoholics with lots of care, support, and education in a friendly atmosphere in order for them to fully experience and enjoy the miracle of recovery from their active addiction.

We are a self-supported non-profit organization, and we have a one-time admission fee of $200 and our weekly service fees are $150 per week. We require first and last week at time of intake. 

Amenities include: A 3 Arm Recovery Center: Corrections/ MRT, 12steps, Faith.

• Room and Board - shared rooms.
• One hot prepared meal per day. (Residents responsible for food - breakfast/lunch)
• Free Wi-Fi, long distance phone, and cable T.V., resident lounge & kitchen.
·Numerous inside/outside local AA/NA/CA/Alanon 12step meetings , conferences,workshops., retreats, and state conventions.
· Our own  “Sobriety School” Course and One-on-One sober coaching with staff and approved sponsor.
· Our NEW” CHRISTIANITY 101”, and the Biblical Based  “CELEBRATE RECOVERY”.
·New MRT Course (Moral Reconation Therapy) Evidence-based and registered with SAMSHA.
• Sober functions including dances, dinners, picnics, bowling, workshops, holiday and special events.
• Daily /weekly chores and 16 weekly recovery hours as part of developing a “Living Sober” lifestyle.
 • Local employment for felons and all residents – (Lafayette City Bus Transport passes $1 per day)
 • 24/7 monitoring by our “live in” House Staff.
• Random and regular U/A Drug & Alcohol breathalyzer testing coupled with daily progress reports.
• Student friendly environment – 10 minutes on bus from Purdue University & Ivy Tech.
 • Home Detention is allowed(you must pay for your own separate detention fees)
 • Local Access to “Riggs Clinic” for discounted medical services – Local access to I.O.P.
^^^^ We encourage our clients to take natural vitamins & walk for exercise as a part of a “holistic” approach-also- Lafayette has many local agencies that offer  discounted or free assistance with, resumes, and also GED classes. We  encourage everyone to join or visit our Lafayette YMCA or YWCA or other local fitness centers, which have many" support" programs along with, exercise equipment, a sports center, tennis courts, gym, whirlpool, sauna and pool. 

                                                       OUR LOCATION

2525 Kossuth Street Lafayette, Indiana  47904                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LAFAYETTE    -    FEMALE FACILITY:                                                                                          2525 1/2 Kossuth Street Lafayette, Indiana 47904                                      

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For Screening and Availability Contact:
Executive Director, Beth Snyder
Phone: 219-805-0414

Email: bethsnyderlighthouse@yahoo.com

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